02.06.2024 - 03.06.2024


Chris Salter
TalentLAB . théâtre . Grand Théâtre
lieu Grand Théâtre · Studio
On Sunday: In English with French surtitles / On Monday: In German
40 minutes

Chris Salter

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Daniel and Laurie are on the run from a near future world of climate transformation. Emotionally distraught from their hidden pasts, the pair set out on a journey through the wild landscape of Newfoundland, Canada. While news of global climate catastrophes is broadcast on their car radio, they drive towards the Tablelands, an extraordinary, Mars-like landscape in the middle of Gros Morne National Park where one can directly walk on the mantle of the Earth. Gradually, the climate-change transformed landscape exerts a force on them as if it was a conscious, living and breathing entity. Animate sits at the crossroads of performance, installation and radio play utilizing the newest Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies in order to blur the experience between the physical and the digital world.


Artistic Director
Chris Salter
Creative Producer
Remco Schuurbiers
Story by
Kate Story
Judith Rosmair & Steve Karier
XR Design by
Timothy Thomasson
Commissioned by & produced by
DISK e.V. Berlin
Co-commissioned/co-produced by
Kunstfest Weimar; Deutschlandfunk Kultur; FondazioneCampania dei Festival Campania Teatro Festival
Funded by
the Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation) & the Canada Council for the Arts and the FRQ


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