Miet Warlop

After all Springville
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After all Springville
Reinout Hiel
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After all Springville
Miet Warlop

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After all Springville
© Holger Kirstenmacher

In Miet Warlop’s studio and imaginary world, everything is in constant motion. Components fuse together into one great swirling transformation. Characters and images from one production turn up in another. Sometimes they start to lead a life of their own. For instance, the elegant table from Springville – starched white tablecloth, elegant female legs in black tights and pumps – walked into a gallery and turned into an installation that functioned in its own right. Twelve years after the premiere, Warlop has taken the production up again as a memory that has to be relived or a song of her own that she wants to cover with a new group.
Douze ans après sa première mondiale, Miet Warlop remonte son oeuvre emblématique After all Springville qui raconte, avec la légèreté d’un dessin animé, l’histoire tragique d’une communauté en échec.


Concept & Direction
Miet Warlop
Hanako Hayakawa / Ching Shu Huang / Jef Hellemans, Emiel Vandenberghe / Vladimir Babinchuk, Margot Masquelier / Margarida Ramalhete, Milan Schudel / Jacobine Tone Kofoed, Wietse Tanghe / Freek De Craecker, Jarne Van Loon
Miet Warlop / Irene Wool vzw Coproduction HAU Hebbel am Ufer – Berlin; Arts Centre BUDA; Arts Centre Vooruit; PerPodium; De Studio Antwerpen; Internationales Sommerfestival Kampnagel
With the support of
Belgian Tax Shelter; Flemish Authorities; City of Ghent


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