3 du Trois goes TalentLAB

Meet the project leaders & performances
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3 du TROIS goes TalentLAB
Meet the project leaders (free entry) & discover two choreographic residencies (8€)

At 5pm
Meet the project leaders

Every edition of the TalentLAB brings together a large variety of artists and projects. The interdisciplinary nature of the platform, the contrasting approaches and forms of expression of the participants offer a vast spectrum of creativity. In the first part of this special edition of the 3 du TROIS, a conversation with the artists will embrace this diversity and present the research of the eight project leaders of this edition of the TalentLAB. This open platform discussion will offer invaluable insight into the mechanisms behind the creative process, create a moment of exchange and transversality and aim to build a bridge between different artistic disciplines and universes.

Free entry • Spaces are limited • Booking: TROIS C-L www.danse.lu

At 7pm

In the second part of the evening, the TROIS C-L offers to venture into the world of dance with two public presentations of choreographic residencies:

DANCE (work in progress): Body that Stands (working title), Smadar Goshen.

Based on the fundamental assumption – that physical resistance is one of our most basic and necessary ‘habits’, which we must produce in order to manage our bodies on this planet – the piece explores multiple embodiments of physical resistance, observed in different cultures, groups and times.

VIDEO-DANCE: Moitié moi, Kim El Ouardi et Nora Wagner / KnowEdge asbl.

What happens when four very different dancers decide to create something together? Do they have to become one for the show to be coherent, or is it rather the sum of the four individuals that makes the piece interesting? For two years, the authors of this experimental documentary accompanied a street dance group, filming their creative process and zooming in on each of them to create an intimate portrait of a group and the individuals within it, capturing their respective dynamics through dance.

Single rate 8€ · All ages · Spaces are limited · Bookings: TROIS C-L www.danse.lu



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