Elisabeth Schilling

Sortie de Résidence - La Vague Sonore de la Danse des Plantes
danse . Cercle des spectateurs . Grand Théâtre
la vague sonore
lieu Grand Théâtre / Studio
environ 1h00

Choreographer Elisabeth Schilling and composer Alexandra Duvekot are in the early stages of researching how experimental knowledge of plants can inspire choreography and musical composition.

Plants emit sounds in frequencies that are inaudible to the human ear: the way their roots grow into the soil, the exchange of oxygen with the air around them, the communication with other plants and animals, the way they suck and distribute water from the earth.

Supported by the dancers Marine Tournet, Marla King and Giulia Cenni, the musicians of United Instruments of Lucilin and the dramaturge Eva Martinez, Elisabeth is currently exploring how the sensory impressions of different plants, such as communication through haptic touch or the sense of smell, can inspire movement and choreography.

Elisabeth Schilling is an international choreographer based in Luxembourg and an associated artist of the Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg. Her previous works have been commissioned by the Tate Modern in London, the Théâtres de la Ville Luxembourg, Gauthier Dance Stuttgart and The Place London, among others. She recently won the Luxembourg Dance Prize and has toured 19 countries with almost 300 performances over the last six years.


Elisabeth Schilling
Alexandra Duvekot
Marine Tournet, Marla King, Giulia Cenni
United Instruments of Lucilin


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