Shakespeare's Villains

von Stephen Berkoff
samedis aux Théâtres . théâtre . Grand Théâtre
samedi au théâtre mai 2024
Lieu Grand Théâtre / Arrière-scène
In English

An acting tour de force through the pantry of Shakespeare's greatest villains: a great character study and at the same time a fascinating history lesson.

These characters are predecessors of the great villains of history: Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler and their their local theater critics! They live to torment you by dipping their needle into their acid bath of frustration to then tattoo it across your back. In the process, they are desperate for love, but no one can love a villain because they are incapable of giving love themselves.
But - what is a good substitute for love? Power! Power is the great aphrodisiac. So if Richard doesn't make your heart beat faster with love, he will make your heart beat faster out of fear like there's no tomorrow.
As long as it beats for him, it's okay.

Philipp Alfons Heitmann spielt sich in einen Rausch: Immer plastischer wird sein Vortrag, immer gruseliger, dramatischer – und oft auch ironischer. Heitmann erklärt, fabuliert, schlüpft in Sekundenschnelle von einer Rolle in die andere. Er zelebriert das ironische Pathos ebenso wie den boulevardesken Witz, flirtet mit dem Publikum, gibt den Bösartigen wie den Gerissenen witzig, spannend, lustvoll überzogen und oft überraschend in der Analyse.
Dietmar Zimmermann


Directed by
Philipp Alfons Heitmann & Maja Delinic
Costumes and accessories
Janin Lang
Philipp Heitmann
Premiered at
Südbahnhof Krefeld - Werkhaus e. V.


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