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samedis aux Théâtres . Grand Théâtre
samedis aux théâtres
Lieu Grand Théâtre
En anglais
environ 1h30

With Ms. Camilla Hurst, Dr. Gérard Schockmel & Frieda Gerson, Léa Tirabasso

Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg in partnership with the Fondation Jeunes Scientifiques Luxembourg and its Science: Next educational program, introduces "Interdisciplinary Dialogues: Art & Science" a conference concept where artists and scientists come together in front of an audience to explore the intersections of their respective fields, audiences and create new ways of thinking.

Thanks to scientists Ms. Camilla Hurst (PhD student at the University of Cambridge is a laureate of the Jonk Fuerscher competition),  Dr Gérard Schockmel (recognizable voice of reason in the media throughout the pandemic to date) & artists Frieda Gerson (Comedian, circus artist),  Léa Tirabasso (Dancer whose works mix art and science), the conference will feature a series of presentations, panel discussions and interactive sessions where artists and scientists will present their work and engage in a dialogue about the ways in which their fields can inform and inspire one another. The goal of the conference is to foster an interdisciplinary conversation that will open new paths of reflection and inspire new collaborations and projects.

Speakers will be working in binomes where scientists bring their knowledge of the virus's biology, genetics, and behaviour, while artists bring their skills in visualizing and communicating complex concepts. 
The conversation will revolve around the best way to represent viruses and bacteria in a way that is both scientifically accurate and visually appealing, or how to convey the potential dangers of the virus in a way that is not alarmist. Ultimately, their collaboration can lead to a better understanding and communication with the public.
Firstly, Ms. Camilla Hurst, a young student, National Jonk Fuerscher Luxembourg laureate, awarded the Georges Charpak medal and gold medal winner at CASTIC  Shanghai, will intervene along with artist Frieda Gerson, one of the new singular voices in Luxembourg. Mixing circus, theatre and dance in hybrid shows, she swears by collaboration and esprit de corps.

The audience will then be invited to participate in a second conversation between Dr Gérard Schockmel, a specialist in infectious diseases at the Robert Schuman Hospitals and expert in the consultation panel on Covid-19 issues pour le Luxembourg along with Léa Tirabasso an artist interested in the notions of tension, brutality, exhaustion and dysfunction. Her work questions the idea of instinct and was awarded the prestigious Arts and Literature Prize from Institut Grand Ducal, Luxembourg.
During the event, the dialogue will convene a wide range of topics, such as the use of scientific data in art, the role of art in communicating scientific concepts, the intersection of technology and creativity, and the impact of scientific research on cultural and societal issues. It will eventually also provide opportunities for networking and collaboration among attendees.
The conference would be open to a diverse audience, including youngsters, artists, scientists, researchers, educators, and members of the general public who are interested in exploring the intersections of art and science.


Mrs Camilla Hurst, Dr. Gérard Schockmel, Léa Tirabasso & Frieda Gerson


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