FXXX BXXXXX and Santa Bušs
Marraine: Romie Estèves


[EN] FXXX BXXXXX is a writer and director whose work scrutinises systemic imbalances of power. In 2015 he won the Genesis Future Directors Award at the Young Vic, and was the Lina Bo Bardi Architectural Fellow with the British Council and Sesc São Paulo. He has made work for the London Sinfonietta and Strike A Light festival, and participated in enoa residencies at the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence, Helsinki Festival, Snape Maltings and Dutch National Opera. In 2018 he is working with fellow queer collaborators, pole dancers, the elderly and guns.

Santa Bušs is a Latvian composer especially interested in detailed pre-compositional process and extra-musical ideas. She studied at the Latvian Academy of Music and Hamburg University of Music and Theatre. Her work has been performed by a large variety of artists including Avi Avital, Carla Huhtanen, BIT20 Ensemble (Norway), Divertimento Ensemble (Italy), Ensemble Aleph (France), Latvian National Symphony Orchestra and conductors Zsolt Nagy, Andris Poga, Sharon Choa and Clemens Heil.

The project Speak Red

This opera is inspired by the true story of a remarkable woman with aphasia, who was sexually assaulted by a carer and brought a trial to court, setting a new legal precedent for accessibility in the legal system. Aphasia is a widely misunderstood condition which affects the ability to use and interpret language and narrative information, but does not impair intelligence. The project is being developed with people living with aphasia and speech therapists, who will contribute to the writing process. Through this collaborative approach, we hope to speak in bold, diverse languages about discrimination against disabled people, and patriarchy’s capacity to ignore allegations of sexual violence made by women.


Sarah Baltzinger
Parrain: Peeping Tom


[FR] Sarah Baltzinger s’est formée auprès de la Compagnie CobosMika. Elle a travaillé avec de nombreux chorégraphes en tant qu’interprète, comme B. Baumgarten pour la création RAIN, H. Seabra (assistant de Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui et Wim Vandekeybus) pour la création When The Birds Fly Low, The Wind Will Blow ou W. Parsons, basé à Londres pour la création du spectacle Vestige. Elle a produit deux spectacles en tant que chorégraphe; White Beast et FURY.

Le projet ORA MARIS

ORA MARIS explore l'idée de ce qui coule en nous. En mariant des énergies et des fluides qui peuvent se contredire, nous sommes face au dessin et à la sculpture de nos émotions, telle une métaphore. Il est question de ce qui ne peut se rompre, tel un liquide sirupeux. En travaillant sur la notion d’être sous-l’eau, cela nous appelle à plonger et flotter à l’intérieur de nous-même, pour expérimenter des sensations d’incarnation et de vibration.

Nir de Volff 
Parrain: Peeping Tom


[EN] Nir de Volff was born in Israel, there he studied dance and created his first show at Suzanne Dellal Centre. In Tel Aviv he was guest performer for Pina Bausch’s Viktor at the Israeli opera house. In 2004 he moved to Berlin and created his first piece for Sophiensaele. In 2007 he founded his company TOTAL BRUTAL. De Volff creates international cultural exchange projects mixing social-political topics with entertainment values. In the past few years he has developed a movement method called USE-ABUSE for dancers and non-dancers which he teaches worldwide in dance and art centres.

The project Lost

In Lost, three Middle Eastern dancers try to understand their relationship with the iconography of suffering and death by exploring different ways to represent them on stage. Various known artists have dealt with these themes in different ways: Pina Bausch, Isadora Duncan and Ana Pavlova. Connecting the interpretations of those icons with their personal experience is what the three dancers from Israel and Syria will try to achieve. But what does “personal experience” actually mean? The paradox lies in the fact that although nobody has actually had the physical experience of death, most people have clear perceptions about what it might be like. Lost will be an attempt by the dancers to represent an experience that has not yet happened. They will dance alone, in a duet or as a group. But will their social and cultural background play a part in the construction of their own imaginings of agony and death?

Volet Théâtre

Elisabet Johannesdottir
Marraine: Anne-Cécile Vandalem


[EN] Elisabet Johannesdottir is an Icelandic actress, born and raised in Luxembourg. She went to film school in New York and Los Angeles where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. Her acting credits include Douglas Rintoul’s productions of Closer and As You Like It, Killer Joe directed by Anne Simon and most recently Rumpelstilzchen directed by Myriam Muller. Elisabet has written Between the Bars, a Freudian tale for stage and screen and the one-act play Mother’s Milk, which premiered at Theatricum Botanicum’s emerging playwright series in 2014.

The project Emerald & Olive

Emerald & Olive is a dark comedy about greed, iguanas and gun violence. The story centres around Lola, a small time criminal, who finds herself hiding out in the rather shabby “Patriot” motel in Atlantic City, New Jersey after a diamond heist gone wrong. Lola needs to retrieve the missing emerald, Marla, her “clueless” accomplice, needs to eat and they both lie to each other to conceal their true motives. Their dilemmas worsen when Lola’s stalker ex-boyfriend Vince appears, after uncovering the whereabouts of the women and his beloved iguana Igor, whom Lola has kidnapped...

Christine Muller 
Marraine: Julie Berès, assistée de Karim Bel Kacem


[FR] Christine Muller est comédienne et étudiante en Études culturelles à Lisbonne. Après une formation au Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, elle a joué dans des spectacles de Myriam Muller, de Marja-Leena Junker et de Ian De Toffoli au Théâtre du Centaure, au TNL et au Kasemattentheater. Au cinéma, elle a travaillé sous la direction d’Andy Bausch et de Robin Erard.

Le projet Cocons

Connaître l’histoire de ses parents, c’est aussi connaître la sienne. Dans Cocons, deux soeurs se confrontent au mur invisible des nondits de leur famille. À travers un regard rempli de compréhension, celles-ci interrogent le spectateur sur la vertu protectrice du silence, sur la limite entre le jardin secret de chacun et le non-dit. À la fois protecteur et fragile, un cocon qui se brise libère un être achevé. Entre fiction et documentaire, cette pièce co-écrite par deux soeurs incite à dépasser ce qui paraissait indépassable et à rompre les silences assourdissants qui nous enferment.