£¥€$ (Lies)

£¥€$ (Lies)

Ontroerend Goed
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[EN] The best way to rob a bank is to own one. William Crawford, Commissioner of the California Department of Savings and Loans

Theatre-performance-group Ontroerend Goed produces self-devised work grounded in the here and now, inviting their audiences to participate as well as observe for an intense experience. The company has won numerous prizes across Europe and their work is currently being performed in countries around the world.

“Ontroerend Goed invites you to get under the skin of the well-to-do the 1%, the super-rich, the ones who pull the strings, the faces we never get to see. For one night, you can take their chairs. You call the shots. You’re in the centre of our economic system. You shape the course. And who knows, you might make the world a better place, more fair, more responsible because you’ll do things differently, for sure.” (Ontroerend Goed, director)

In this interactive performance, 8 actors invite you into the history of the financial world of the past 100 years and provide an insight into the intricacies of the monetary system and its impacts.

» ... a show that simultaneously reinvents what theatre can be and triggers our emotions in exactly the way the best theatre can do. The Scotsman, Mark Fisher

» What Ontroerend Goed has done with £¥€$ is far more powerful than simply presenting a play about greed and corruption. We can feel the damage done and we have no-one else to blame. It’s a lesson for us all. What’s On Stage, Su Carroll


Director Alexander Devriendt
Script Joeri Smet, Angelo Tijssens,Karolien De Bleser, Alexander Devriendt & cast
Text Joeri Smet
Cast Hannah Boer, Max Wind, Britt Bakker, Joeri Smet, Samir Veen, Joeri Heegstra, Charlotte De Bruyne
Costumes Astrid Peeters
Music Johannes Genard
Scenography vormen & Nick Mattan
Dramaturgy Koba Ryckewaert, Zach Hatch, Julie Behaegel (intern/stagaire)

Producer David Bauwens
Coproduction Vooruit Kunstencentrum, Ghent (BE), Theatre Royal, Plymouth (UK), Richard Jordan Productions (UK)
Special thanks to Toneelacademie Maastricht (NL), Khalid Koujili, Maria Dafneros, Miriam Matthys, Tamara Searle, Jeffrey Caen, Ruud Vanderheyden, Bram Billiet, Thomas Dhanens, Bo Marlijnen, Louiza Vande Woestyne
With the support of the Flemish Community, the Province of East-Flanders and the City of Ghent

Lundi 28 MAI 2018 à 18h30 (tickets)
& à 21h30 (tickets)

DURÉE environ 1h50

 Adultes 20€ / <26 ans 8€

Lieu: Grand Théâtre / Studio

[TICKETS]2018-05-28 18:30:00 25013+2018-05-28 21:30:00 25014

Trailer £¥€$ from Les Théâtres on Vimeo.