Who’s writing this anyway?
The Role of the director in the devising process
Told by an Idiot’s popular intensive Director’s workshop

[EN] John Wright is co-founder and Associate Artist of acclaimed UK theatre company Told by an Idiot, and a co-founder of Trestle. He is an internationally renowned teacher and director and has taught workshops all over the world. His book Why is that so funny? is a must buy for actors, directors, students and teachers. He is currently working on a new book provisionally titled Who’s writing this anyway? and launches his book Playing the mask: Acting without bullshit this September (2017). During his workshop for the TalentLAB#17, John Wright will focus on the role of the director as a facilitator and ways for enabling that to happen. He will look at different approaches to theatre making including games and how to mutually provoke people with ideas.


By John Wright
Co-founder and associate artist of Told by an Idiot

Vendredi 9 JUIN 2017 à 16h00 (tickets)

DURÉE environ 2h30

For all theatre professionals / Participation is free but spaces are limited / Please register at Luxembourg Ticket

Lieu: Théâtre des Capucins

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