Work(s) in progress by Simone Mousset and Jill Crovisier
Mentor: Koen Augustijnen
Introduction and feedback discussion after the performance

[FR] Afin de conférer au TalentLAB un aspect pluridisciplinaire, deux jeunes danseuses/chorégraphes du Luxembourg ont participé à leur tour à un laboratoire, qui s’est étendu sur plusieurs périodes, au cours duquel elles ont pu développer leurs créations. En appliquant le même principe de parrainage, Simone Mousset et Jill Crovisier ont développé et répété leurs chorégraphies sous l’œil expert et bienveillant de Koen Augustijnen. Ce soir, elles présentent le résultat de leurs recherches respectives, guidées et encadrées une fois encore par leur parrain qui fera une introduction au travail et animera une rencontre après la représentation.

[EN] Koen Augustijnen has been working closely with Les Ballets C de la B since 1991, initially as a dancer in performances staged by Alain Platel. From 1997 till 2013 he was one of the dance company’s house choreographers. His principal training and work experience has been firmly rooted in his staging of performances as a member of Les Ballets C de la B.

Bâche (2004) brought him an international breakthrough, followed by IMPORT/EXPORT (2006), Ashes (2009) and Au-delà (2012). Since 2013 he’s working freelance and directed in Australia a dance solo for Dalisa Pigram of the Marrugeku Company called Gudirr Gudirr. And in Palestine he co-directed Badke (2013) together with Rosalba Torres and Hildegard Devuyst, a piece for 10 Palestinian dancers produced by KVS, Les Ballets C de la B and The Qattan foundation. He made Sehnsucht, limited edition (2014) in the Oldenburgische Staatstheater and Dancing Bach (2015) in Konzerttheater Bern.

Apart from Les Ballets C de la B he often joins forces with theatre companies. As with Ivo Van  Hove (Toneelgroep Amsterdam), Toneelgezelschap STAN and Chokri ben Chika to name but a few.

At the moment Koen is working on the collaborative project Beytna in Lebanon, co-produced by the Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg.

Simone Mousset
Super Ok

Super Ok is inspired by feelings of insecurity in a world of increasing instability, where very little is guaranteed, where things become more and more temporary, and in a society where people are made anxious by their own restlessness and random competition. Super Ok examines different forms of insecurities and plays with how they can be expressed or created in the group.

Three dancers are travelling, collaborating, multitasking, often on the brink of losing control of everything. They are searching for something to stabilise them – clutching at straws sometimes. And at each other. They are insecure. They stumble, they fall, they run out of time. They fail. But they are ok. They are super ok.

Jill Crovisier
The hidden garden

Growing up we lose the ability to live in connection with our mind. We become increasingly preoccupied by what is useful. The desire for power, control and perfection. Man becomes comparable to a supernatural creature. Obsessed, this creature sucks the life out of those who dare to confront it. Dreams, simple pleasures and poetry are suffocated. The hidden garden is a mysterious  place where the real and the fantastic are intertwined. A choreography inspired by the gothic   novel, fantastic literature, and the modern customs today’s society.



Mercredi 15 JUIN 2016 à 20h00 (tickets)

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Lieu: Grand Théâtre

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