[EN] In TRACES Wim Vandekeybus follows the traces he has left. He looks back on the intuitions from where his search began: to the drama  of impulses and instincts; to the game of energies and intensities. Vandekeybus searches for traces that are older than mankind and his memory. For ‘the inner story’, for the story that unfolds beyond language and can only be told in the pulses of dance and music. The music is composed by Trixie Whitley, Marc Ribot, Shahzad Ismaily, Ben Perowsky and Daniel Mintseris.


Direction & choreography by Wim Vandekeybus

Created with & performed by Alexandros Anastasiadis, Borna Babić, Maureen Bator, Davide Belotti, Pieter Desmet, Maria Kolegova, Kit King, Anna Karenina Lambrechts, Magdalena Oettl, Mufutau Yusuf


Dimanche 30 MAI 2021 à 17h00
Lundi 31 MAI 2021 à 20h00

DURÉE environ 1h45

Adultes 25 €, 20 €, 15 € / Jeunes 8 € / Kulturpass bienvenu

Réservation par e-mail ou par téléphone au +352 4708951

Lieu: Grand Théâtre

[TICKETS]2021-05-30 17:00:00 30711+2021-05-31 20:00:00 30712