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[EN] Generation Jeans is an autobiographical monologue about rock music and resistance written and performed by BFT co-founder Nicolai Khalezin, with music by DJ Laurel.

When Belarus was part of the Soviet Union its people were prohibited to wear jeans or listen to rock music. The buying or selling of either one could result in arrest at the hands of the KGB. Detained during a demonstration in 1998, Khalezin offers a candid account of the degradations of incarceration, the blossoming of young love and how denim became a symbol of freedom under the dictatorship. Generation Jeans is an ode to the people who are not bound by age and who fight for the freedom of their country. Every country has this generation.


By Nicolai Khalezin
with the participation of Natalia Kaliada
Directed & performed by Nicolai Khalezin

Interpreter & surtitles operator Sophie Kayes
Executive Producer Natalia Kaliada

Belarus Free Theatre London
Co-founding Artistic Directors Natalia Kaliada & Nicolai Khalezin
Belarus Free Theatre Minsk

Mercredi 2 JUIN 2021 à 20h00

DURÉE environ 1h20

Réservation par e-mail ou par téléphone au +352 47 08 95-1

Adultes 20 €, 15 €, 8 € / Jeunes 8 € / Kulturpass bienvenu

Lieu: Théâtre des Capucins

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