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[EN] Composer Kris Defoort and actor Dirk Roofthooft attempt to bring to life the works of the renowned poet and humanitarian Joseph Brodsky. That, in their own humble words, is the aim of the Flemish artists performing The Brodsky Concerts.

Joseph Brodsky was born in Leningrad in 1940, just over a year before the German army laid siege to the city. The infant Joseph and his family survived that ordeal. At the age of fifteen Joseph left school and, after failing in his application to the School of Submariners, held a variety of menial jobs. But Joseph was determined to get ahead and taught himself English and Polish and studied human sciences, showing special interest in philosophy, religion and mythology.He began writing poems in his late teens, but fell foul of the Soviet authorities in 1963 when he was arrested and charged with "parasitism". In 1964 Brodsky was sentenced to five years internal exile following a trial which included a famous exchange with the judge about the nature of the poet. Indeed, much of Brodsky's work deals with the human condition and the relationship between literature and society. Brodsky was later exiled and went to the United States, where he was naturalised in 1977. Ten years later he became the fifth Russian to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. It was while collecting his prize that Brodsky, in answer to a question from a journalist proclaimed: "I am Jewish - a Russian poet and an English essayist". He died of a heart attack at the age of just 55, but his work and his influence live on.

Brodsky Concerts sees the welcome return of Dirk Roofthoft and Kris Defoort to the Grand Théâtre. After the resounding success of productions such as Mefisto for ever and House of the Sleeping Beauties, the impressive actor and the talented composer are reunited in this powerful exploration of Brodsky's work. Dirk Rofthooft can be seen again in January 2011 in Sunken Red.

TEXT Joseph Brodsky

Dramaturgy text / play Dirk Roofthooft

COPRODUCTION Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg, deSingel (Antwerpen) and Centre de Recherches et de Formation Musicales de Wallonie

Wednesday SEPTEMBER 29, 2010 at 20:00 (tickets)
Kulturpass, bienvenue!

1 hour 15 minutes (no interval)

Adults 20 € / Students 8 €

[FR] Joseph Brodsky (1940-1996) est un écrivain juif d'Union soviétique. Victime des persécutions du régime, il émigre aux États-Unis, écrivant dorénavant en anglais. Prix Nobel de littérature en 1987, il aborde, dans une oeuvre aux textes emportés par « un grand souffle de l'universel », les thèmes éternels de la condition humaine : la mort, le sens de la vie, l'amour, la fraternité, l'amitié, la solitude, l'exil.

Un compositeur, Kris Defoort, et un comédien, Dirk Roofthooft, ont voulu « saisir par le rythme, la mélodie et le son des mots ce que les mots eux-mêmes ne révèlent pas » !

[DE] Joseph Brodsky wurde 1940 in Leningrad geboren. In ärmlichen Verhältnissen aufgewachsen, lernt er autodidaktisch mehrere Fremdsprachen und treibt geisteswissenschaftliche Studien. Er entdeckt seine große Leidenschaft: die Poesie. 1972 emigriert er in die USA, 1987 wird ihm der Nobelpreis für Literatur zuerkannt.

Der Komponist Kris Defoort (House of the sleeping Beauties) und der Schauspieler Dirk Roofthooft (Mefisto for ever) haben mit Brodsky Concerts einen musikalischen Abend kreiert, der nicht nur Texte des Ausnahmeautors zum Klingen bringt. Er geht vielmehr auf die Suche nach den innersten, oft zwischen den Zeilen angesiedelten Tönen eines der größten Humanisten des 20. Jahrhunderts.

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