Krapp's Last Tape
Grand Théâtre - Arrière-scène

Krapp's Last Tape

Samuel Beckett (1906-1989)

Designed, directed and interpreted by Robert Wilson

[en] In 2008, the Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg presented the world premiere of Robert Wilson's Oh les beaux jours with Adriana Asti. Now, the American director and true pioneer of the arts returns to Luxembourg with one of Beckett's most autobiographical works, the legendary monologue Krapp's Last Tape. Robert Wilson not only directs and designs, but also performs the work, his first appearance as an actor in nearly a decade.

Krapp, an old man, sits alone in his room late at night. It is his 70th birthday. He is about to record his thoughts about the past year, as he has done every year on his birthday since he was young. Before making the new tape, he listens to a recording he made some thirty years earlier. Bitter, funny, ironic, he finds it hard to recognize himself in the brash, romantic, confident voice of his youth. One passage in particular, in which the younger Krapp speaks calmly and philosophically of the ending of a relationship with a woman, grabs his attention. At the time, he saw the break as inevitable and looked forward to many more conquests and triumphs. Now, looking back, he realizes that she was the last great love of his life and in losing her, he lost his chance of happiness.

"When I direct, I create a structure in time. Finally when all the visual elements are in place, I have created a frame for the performers to fill. If the structure is solid, then one can be free in it. Here, for the most part, the structure is given and I must find my freedom within Beckett's structure." (Robert Wilson)

» A towering figure in the world of experimental theatre and an explorer in the uses of time and space on stage. Transcending theatrical convention, he draws in other performance and graphic arts, which coalesce into an integrated tapestry of images and sounds. The New York Times on Robert Wilson

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at 20:00
Running Time 1 hour 10 minutes (no interval)
Adults 20 € / Students 8 €

Direction, Set Design and Lighting Concept and Acting Robert Wilson
Costume Design and Collaborator to Set Design Yashi Tabassomi - Lighting Design A.J. Weissbard - Sound Design Peter Cerone, Jesse Ash - Associate Director and Stage Manager Sue Jane Stoker
A project by Change Performing Arts - Commissioned by Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg, Spoleto52 Festival dei 2 Mondi - Produced by CRT Artificio, Milan