Part of “into the wild” rainy days 2016 festival / Philharmonie Luxembourg
Cycle contemporain

[EN] Crocodiles (known to biologists as Crocodylinae) are large, aquatic, carnivorous reptiles that live throughout the tropics in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. They like rivers, lakes, wetlands, brackish water and even saltwater. Unlike alligators, they don’t like cold environments at all. Distractfold, on the contrary, is a young and exciting group of musicians from Manchester. Their trademark is a wild mix of instrumental, electronic, and hybrid music of the 21st century. Together with people from the fields of design, architecture, photography and film making, they created interdisciplinary projects with live music and dance at the Architectural Association in London. They were the first ever UK ensemble to be awarded the renowned Kranichstein Music Prize, and they are currently ensemble in residence at Harvard University. As the “rainy days” festival is going “into the wild” in December 2016, Distractfold will transform the Studio stage at Grand Théâtre. It might look like lakes and wetlands in the end, though normally electronic music instruments don’t go too well with either freshwater or saltwater. Anyway: The crocodiles are coming to Luxembourg.

Wear your boots!

» The Manchester-based ensemble revealed themselves as musicians who were also wonderful, sometimes even very funny, actors. IMD, Tarek Kai

» Every sound is alive with presence and clarity. It’s an ensemble whose sound makes sense in and of a post- HD world; who embraces super high production values and works with them creatively. Weisslich, Louis D’Heudieres

» One of the most exciting new music groups in Manchester is Distractfold Ensemble. Led by Mauricio Pauly and Sam Salem, Distractfold is a collective of hugely talented young musicians from all over the world: they play electroacoustic and hybrid music of the 21st century, written by new generation composers... Catch them before they go global. Creative Tourist Blog, Will Carr

[DE] Krokodile (unter Biologen als Crocodylinae bekannt) sind große, amphibische, fleischfressende Reptilien, die im gesamten Tropengürtel in Afrika, Asien, Amerika und Australien beheimatet sind. Sie fühlen sich in Flüssen, Seen, Feuchtgebieten sowie in Brackwasser und Salzwasser zuhause. Im Unterschied zu Alligatoren halten sie Kälte überhaupt nicht aus. Distractfold hingegen sind ein sensationelles junges Ensemble aus

Manchester. Ihre Spezialität ist eine wilde Mischung aus instrumentaler, elektronischer und hybrider Musik des 21. Jahrhunderts. Mit Leuten aus den Bereichen Design, Architektur, Photographie und Film haben sie interdisziplinäre Projekte mit Live-Musik und Tanz an der Architectural Association in London entwickelt. Sie sind das erste britische Ensemble, das den renommierten Kranichsteiner Musikpreis gewann. Derzeit sind sie Ensemble in residence an der Harvard University. Wenn das „rainy days“ Festival im Dezember 2016 unter dem Titel „into the wild“ in die Wildnis aufbricht, wird Distractfold die Studio-Bühne des Grand Théâtre verwandeln. Gut möglich, dass dabei Seen und Feuchtgebiete entstehen, obwohl elektronische Musikinstrumente üblicherweise Süß- und Salzwasser überhaupt nicht aushalten. Wie auch immer – die Krokodile kommen nach Luxemburg. Gummistiefel wärmstens empfohlen...


Clarinets, electronics Rocío Bolaños
Electric guitar, objects, electronics Daniel Brew
Violin, objects, electronics Linda Jankowska
Cello, objects, electronics Alice Purton
Viola, objects, electronics Emma Richards
Artistic director, bass guitar, electronics Mauricio Pauly
Artistic director, sound diffusion, electronics Sam Salem
Percussion, electronics Christian Smith
Technical director Constantin Popp

Sabrina Schroeder: new work for 6 performers and integrated electronics (2016) – 10’
Michelle Lou: crocodiles 1b for electric guitar, electric bass and string trio (2015) – 18’
Ana Dall’ara Majek: new work for loudspeakers (2016) – 5’
Mauricio Pauly: new work for amplified string trio and performative electronics (2016) – 15’
Alexis Guneratne: new work for amplified ensemble (2016, commande Philharmonie, création) – 10’
Hans-Joachim Hespos: Zeitschnitte. Streichtrio (1970) – 13’
Sam Salem: new work for 3 object operators, tape and video (2016) – 10’

Coproduction Philharmonie Luxembourg, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg

Samedi 3 DÉCEMBRE 2016 à 18h30 (tickets)

DURÉE environ 1h30 & entracte

Adultes 20€ / Jeunes 8€ / Kulturpass bienvenu

Lieu: Grand Théâtre / Studio


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